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How much is the Solar rebate in WA?

The most common Solar Panels Perth WA Rebate (Subsidies) 2021 for residential homeowners based on a $36 STC valuation and utilising a 370W solar panel variant for multiplication is as follows:

  • 3.7 kW = $1841
  • 6.6 kW = $3313
  • 10.3 kW = $5154
  • 13.3 kW = $6627

How much is the Synergy solar Feed-In Tariff?

If you qualify for the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) you can receive 0.03c ex GST during off peak and 0.10c ex GST during peak periods (3pm to 9pm) for each unit (kWh) exported by your solar energy system.

What is the wait time for a Solar installation?

The current installation wait time varies depending on what it is in particular you are wanting installed. Why is this? Quite often it’s related to engineering assessments by Western Power.

Below is a breakdown of the average lead times for the following Perth Solar Warehouse services:

  • Inverter replacements: 1-week.
  • Solar PV install (metro): within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).
  • Solar PV install (rural): within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).
  • Battery install: within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).
  • Solar & Battery install: within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).

Why put 6.6kW of solar panels on a 5kW inverter?

Western Power doesn’t allow single-phase solar inverter capacity higher than 5kW output. Synergy excludes solar inverter capacities which exceed 5kW output capacity from the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme.

As solar panels rarely reach peak rated power, certain solar inverter manufacturers states that their inverters can be overloaded by up to 50%.

Although the Clean Energy Regulator has had their say on this topic and capped oversizing to 33%. Therefore, 5kW Inverter capacity x 1.33 = 6.6kW of solar panels.

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Why Choose Perth Solar & Air?

Here at Perth Solar and Air, we combine years of industry experience with quality products and impeccable service with helping you save both time and money.

We deploy a detail-oriented approach to every project and do not leave the job site until you are fully satisfied with our work.

In addition, we provide a straightforward 10-year warranty on all works completed for your peace of mind.


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